Annual Wreath Project ~ Sacramento Valley National Cemetery


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we attend the wreath placement event if we did not contribute toward the purchasing of wreaths?

YES.  Your participation is appreciated for whatever you are able to do.


What is the address of the cemetery?

5810 Midway Road, Dixon, CA  95620


Do we need to bring our own wreaths?

NO.  The wreaths are all delivered in advance of the event and will be provided for you.

Is it possible to pick up a wreath for a close friend or family member early to take to the cemetery so we can place it ourselves?

YES.  Some wreaths will be delivered early to accommodate the many who have requested this.

For families wanting a more private placement, wreaths will be available for pick up starting on Saturday, December 4th.  You may pick up a wreath and place it any time before the public event on Saturday, December 11th.

10 AM - 3 PM:  Saturday & Sunday, December 4th & 5th (weekend only); 

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery drive-thru


*Dixon location *

8 AM - 4 PM:   Monday - Friday;  December 6th – 10th; Grow West

8751 Pedrick Road, Dixon, CA


*Winters location*

 8 AM - 12 PM:  Monday - Friday; December 6th – 10th; Stocking Real Estate

7 E Main Street, Ste D, Winters, CA



Will our contribution be used to buy wreaths for our local cemetery?

YES.  All funds collected by our team will ONLY be used to fulfill the needs of the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery.


Is this a suitable event for children to attend?

YES.  Families are encouraged to attend this very memorable event.   


How much is it to sponsor a wreath?

The wreaths cost us $7 each, but whatever you are able to donate is greatly appreciated.


Can you provide grave specific wreath designation for our contribution?

YES.  Should we not be able to cover the entire cemetery, and you have provided the necessary information to us in advance, we will make sure that request is honored.


Will the wreath placement event be postponed due to bad weather conditions?

NO.  The event will go on...rain or shine...on its designated date.


Can we be added to the email list to receive regular updates about this annual project?

YES.  Send your request to [email protected] to be added to the list.